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Our dental family is here to take care of yours, which is why we are incredibly proud to call ourselves a family dental office. Dr. De Vincenzo and Dr. Saremi, who are your skilled, kind, and experienced Addison dentists, crypto mixing technology are husband and wife. That means every time you’re here to visit, they’ll make you feel right at home. Their combined expertise allows them to provide a wide variety of dental services, all while making sure that every person receives personalized and tailored care. Everything that you need in dentistry, you can get here at our Addison dental office.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings

If you are an older patient, it’s likely that you still have silver amalgam fillings in your smile. In contrast, the modern solution to restoring damaged teeth is far more cosmetically-pleasing and more sustainable. We use composite resin, which can be custom-shaded to match your existing tooth exactly. Not only does this material offer clear esthetic benefits, but it also helps you maintain more of your original tooth enamel thanks to their metal-free attributes. That means you won’t have to worry about sensitivity to hot and cold substances, a common issues with metal fillings.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is designed to fit over an existing tooth totally and completely, protecting the remaining enamel from future damage and restoring the current function of your tooth. If a natural tooth has a large cavity and a dental filling isn’t enough to restore it, we may recommend a dental crown. We may also recommend it if you sustained a serious oral injury or your tooth has simply become very weak over time. Crowns are often paired with dental bridges and dental implants to provide long-term tooth replacement as well.

One-Visit Dental Restorations

We want to help our patients save time however possible, which is why Dr. De Vincenzo and Dr. Saremi offer same-day restorations whenever they can. Even if you experience a damaged or painful tooth, you can get your permanent crown made and placed in a single visit – no need to have a temporary crown placed! Furthermore, you are not sacrificing any durability or esthetics by choosing a same-day crown.


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