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Skip Metal Braces with Clear Aligners!

When your teeth are straighter and more uniform, you’d be surprised by just how much more confident you’ll feel from day-to-day. What’s even more amazing is how much they can benefit your oral health, not just your appearance. Straighter teeth improve overall bite function and make it easier to brush and floss, and you don’t have to commit to wearing metal braces for several years just to make it happen. If you’re an adult who would rather maintain their professional appearance, Invisalign Clear Braces is likely the best solution for you.

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Invisalign® Clear Braces

Instead of using wires and brackets to shift teeth into a straighter position like traditional orthodontics, Invisalign relies instead on clear plastic trays that fit into your mouth similar to a nightguard. Each pair of aligners is customized to present a different stage of your treatment. You’ll need to wear the aligners for at least two weeks before moving on to the next pair in your set. We also ask that patients visit our brief progress appointments at our dental office every six weeks to confirm that the aligners are shifting teeth as planned.

Out of all the benefits Invisalign provides, the most notable one is actually in the name – your clear aligners are virtually transparent when they are worn. That means the people you see day-to-day will not notice that you are wearing them at all. Because they are removable, you can eat the foods you want and even practice your oral care routine without any interruptions as well. Each case is unique, but most people can expect to finish treatment in under two years.


Addison Family Dentistry couldn’t be more excited to offer the PROPEL® system. This process works to make your Invisalign treatment more efficient and transformative. By creating small, strategic holes in the jawbone, also known as micro-osteoperforations, we can make the movement of teeth even more effective as treatment occurs. Blood flow also increases, which keeps the bone tissue well-stimulated and accelerates regrowth. In several cases, pairing PROPEL with Invisalign clear aligners reduces overall treatment time by 50 percent!

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