Children’s Dentist In Addison, TX

Using a Gentle Touch for Developing Smiles

Making a good first impression for your child is crucial, as a poor one can make it difficult for them to see the dentist for the rest of their life. At Addison Family Dentistry, you can expect a team of dental professionals who work hard to help your child feel positive by the end of their appointment. Dr. De Vincenzo and Dr. Saremi are always gentle, especially when treating the youngest members of your family. They provide kid-friendly services that help them maintain a healthy smile well into adulthood. Please contact us today if you’re ready to set up an appointment with a friendly pediatric dentist in Addison, TX!


Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings for Kids

Just like any other patient, children require an approach that is customized all the way down to their age, personality, and maturity. For example, toddlers can expect a process that is very gentle and brief – just enough to confirm if decay is present and locate any specific developmental concerns we’d like to address. As they age, we’ll include more detailed screenings, professional cleanings, and fun oral hygiene instructions. No matter what treatment they receive, the main priority is making sure they feel comfortable and leave the dental office with a big smile on their face!

Dental Sealants

When children are learning to brush and floss for the first time, it’s not always so easy for them to reach some of the areas of their teeth, especially their back teeth. This means these teeth, also known as their molars and premolars, are not likely to get the attention they need. To prevent potential tooth decay, we can apply dental sealants directly to back teeth for added protection during their developmental years. These clear, plastic coatings are designed to protect the deep pits and cracks in teeth that are highly susceptible to plaque buildup and decay. Not only is application of dental sealants painless, but it only takes a few minutes to complete and offers many years of protection.

Fluoride Treatments

While fluoride is often found in the oral care products you use, it’s also found in most public water sources and the foods you eat. According to several studies over the years, fluoride exposure plays a major role in benefiting your oral health. It makes enamel stronger through a process known as remineralization, reduces the buildup of decay-causing bacteria, and prevents cavities. Addison Family Dentistry always recommends professional fluoride treatments for children. To do this, we paint a thin layer of fluoride varnish directly to your tooth surfaces after completing your cleaning. The treatment is quick, comfortable, painless, and extremely beneficial for your child.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

We work hard to help your child prevent cavities, but sometimes they can still find a way into your child’s teeth. Most people experience a cavity at some point in their life, but Dr. De Vincenzo and Dr. Saremi can restore damaged teeth thanks to tooth-colored, composite resin fillings. The material is designed to be flexible and conservative, so there’s no worry of whether or not it will protect your teeth or stand out in your smile. Not only can we protect more of your natural tooth, but we can maintain its appearance and reduce the risk of teeth sensitivity.

Athletic Mouthguards

Does your child love to play contact sports like football, basketball or hockey? Do they have all the protective gear they need to stay safe while they play? Consider this: the majority of dental emergencies occur as a result of playing sports without the right protection. To avoid serious dental injuries, we strongly recommend a custom-made athletic mouthguard for your active child. The local children’s dentists here at Addison Family Dentistry can create an oral appliance that’s far superior to store-bought solutions. Not only do our options protect your child’s teeth to the fullest, but they fit more comfortably and provide excellent flexibility.

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