Addison Family Dentistry – What Are Same Day Dental Implants?

If you’ve been considering dental implants, what you think you know about them could be causing you to hold off. It’s true that, in the past, implants have been a time-consuming and painful process. 


But those procedures have been replaced by today’s incredible dental innovations. Now, you can have brand teeth in as little as a day!


Yes, same day dental implants are a real thing, and they’re available at Addison Family Dentistry. 


It’s a scientific marvel that seems like magic, but it’s not. Traditional implants require you to have your surgical procedure. Then, you have to wait until your new teeth are created and the implant sites heal.


When you opt for one day dental implants, you leave the office the day of your procedure with new, temporary teeth. These temp teeth let you eat, talk, and chew almost like normal as your implants fuse to your jaw. Once they’ve fused and the site has healed, you’ll have the permanent teeth attached.


Ready to learn more about one day dental implants vs traditional implants? Read on to get the details!

So What Exactly Are Same Day Implants?

The decision to invest in implants to replace missing or damaged teeth is not one you make lightly. But because missing teeth can cause so many physical and mental complications that happen over time, it’s the best choice for your health.


Traditional implants take many dental visits and months of procedure/recovery, procedure/recovery steps. 


The tooth or teeth would have to be extracted. Unless it was an immediate dental implant, you’d have to wait for the site to heal enough before an implant was placed. Then, the implant would have to fuse before you’d get the actual crown (your new tooth/teeth).


The whole process could take anywhere from five to ten months. With dental implants in a day, this is extremely simplified.

How Can Dental Implants Be Done in One Day?

The idea of full dental implants in one day can seem inconceivable. However, technology has come a long way in the field of dental work, and at Addison Family Dentistry, we are proud to be at the forefront.


The process begins with a consultation. During this visit, we’ll establish your medical and dental history and determine if you’re a candidate for the dental implants in one day technique. 


It’s not for everyone. Your oral and physical health have to be strong enough to handle a tooth extraction and implant on the same day. 


If you’re found to be the right candidate, you’ll schedule the surgical procedure and everything will be done in one visit. Because all the hard stuff is taken care of then, you don’t have to wait months for the osseointegration (implant fusion) and wound healing to finish. 


The only thing you’ll have to deal with after the procedure is a final checkup to make sure everything is healing on schedule. Your damaged teeth are removed, the implant is placed, and your new teeth are yours, all in one day.

Pros and Cons of Same Day Dental Implants

Before you decide whether to stick with the traditional route or jump at this amazing new opportunity to get implants, it’s important to educate yourself. There are always advantages and disadvantages to any procedure.

Same day dental implants are a newer technique, but the success rate is comparable to that of traditional implants. They also come with lots of benefits, like:


  • You’ll have your new, full set of teeth at the time of the procedure.

  • Healing takes less time and isn’t as harsh on your gums and soft tissue.

  • The implant and bone fusion process is simplified.

  • There is less chance of infection or complications since there is no empty tooth socket to deal with.


The physical advantages are impressive on their own. There are also mental benefits because you don’t have to deal with the embarrassment of having missing teeth for months as you wait for your new set.


There are some disadvantages, though. As you make your decision, keep these factors in mind:

  • Some studies show that same day implants have a minimally higher failure rate than the traditional method.

  • With same day implants, you may have more swelling and discomfort after the surgery. This is to be expected, since you’re putting your mouth through two distinct procedures in one session instead of drawing them out.

  • There is a possibility of bone loss in both types of implants, but same day procedures have slightly more risk of this. With jaw bone loss, the implants may need to be adjusted over time.

  • You’ll have more time in the dentist’s chair during this visit (but less time overall).


If you’re considering dental implants in one day, the next step is to see if you’ll be a candidate.

The Best Candidates for Same Day Dental Implants

Same day dental implants are a little more difficult on your body, since you’re dealing with two procedures in one visit. Because of this, a candidate for the technique has to be overall healthy and can’t be a smoker. If you do smoke, you’d have to quit before the implants are performed.

Other issues that could prevent you from being a candidate for same day implants include:


  • Advanced gum disease

  • Autoimmune diseases

  • Certain chronic diseases

  • Bruxism (teeth grinding)

  • Thin jawbone

Your oral health and hygiene habits have to be strong, too. In order for your mouth to heal well after the surgery, it has to already be in good shape, and you have to take care of it.


However, the best way to determine if this procedure is the right one for you is to talk to your dentist. Don’t immediately assume that, just because you don’t check all the boxes right now, you can’t be a candidate. Your dentist may be able to work with you to find a way to help you fix the issues, so you can have the procedure in the future.


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