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Sometimes, myths that you hear can prevent you from getting the proper care that you need, risking your health. In the case of your emergency dentist, there are three popular fables about receiving urgent dental care that, if you have taken them as fact, could only make the issues you face worse. Read on to learn the facts behind treating oral health problems and why it’s important to do that in a timely manner.

You Can Replant a Partially Knocked-Out Tooth Yourself

As much as everyone would like to avoid emergency dental visits at all costs, trying to fix the problem yourself will likely result in even more damage. While it is possible to replant a partially knocked-out or fully knocked-out tooth back in its socket, saving the tooth, this is never something you should try to do on your own. A DIY treatment like this would likely result in a tooth that may have been saved by your professional’s care, likely dying and falling out. Instead of taking a gamble on your limited dental knowledge, it’s better to just visit your emergency dentist. That way, you can rest-assured that your tooth will have a higher chance of survival and limit your need for a replacement tooth or restoration down the road.

Tooth Infections Can Clear Up On Their Own

If you’re experiencing a severe toothache that’s keeping you up at night or distracting you from important work, it’s likely a result of a tooth infection. This occurs when the inner portion of your tooth, called the pulp, is exposed to harmful oral bacteria that cause it to become infected. The pulp is a cluster of nerves and tissue, which is why these infections typically cause a lot of pain.

Tooth infections are important to treat immediately, or else they could spread to other teeth or kill the tooth, requiring it to be extracted. The only time the pain of this problem goes away on its own is when the tooth dies and is no longer viable. Unfortunately, this is a terrible sign that the problem has progressed and your tooth can no longer be saved. That’s why it’s best to visit your emergency dentist as soon as you experience discomfort, because that doesn’t mean that your tooth is healthy.

Toothaches Are One of the Only Reasons to See an Emergency Dentist

While toothaches are often a sign of a serious oral health problem brewing, they’re not the only issue that can occur that requires urgent care. Your emergency dentist provides a variety of different services that can help stabilize your oral health, including:

  • Repairing damaged teeth with dental bonding to prevent infection
  • Capping off a broken tooth with a crown to keep it from becoming more damaged
  • Removing an object caught between your teeth

While these are only a few additional issues that they can fix, it’s important to remember that if you’re experiencing oral pain or discomfort, your emergency dentist is often the first person you should call. With timely urgent care, you’ll be able to keep a small issue from becoming even worse.

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